10 new and Free scholarships in France for Tunisian students in 2023

Explore in the following a list of 10 new and free scholarships in France for Tunisian students in 2023.

Tunisian students who want to study for Free in France without paying tuition or registration fees or even accommodation costs must obtain a scholarship.

Is it possible ? Of course yes.

Indeed, Tunisian students can study in France for free after the Baccalaureate, after a bachelor’s degree or after a master’s degree thanks to scholarships for higher education granted by French universities.

Therefore, Tunisian students must search, apply and obtain financial assistance in the form of a scholarship to study in France for free.

Lucky for you, you are going to explore several popular offers of free scholarships for Tunisian students available in France.

Let’s Go.

10 new scholarships in France for Tunisian students in 2023

We are going to see scholarships available in France Now.

You will find in the following French scholarships :

  • Fully funded scholarships in France.
  • Partially funded scholarships in France.

The list of French Scholarships will be updated over time.

In each French Scholarships, you will find a link that allows you to know about the requirements and conditions of each scholarship.

In addition, you will find the list of documents to send as part of your scholarship application.

The list of 10 scholarships for Tunisian students in France in 2023 is as follows :

  1. Eiffel Excellence scholarships
  2. Émile Boutmy scholarships
  3. Sophie Germain scholarships
  4. Centrale Nantes Elite scholarships
  5. Talent Rennes School of Business scholarships
  6. HEC Foundation Excellence Grants
  7. Excellence scholarships at Montpellier Business School
  8. Solidarity Fund scholarships
  9. Unframed scholarships
  10. Welcome to France scholarships

You may see other scholarships for Tunisians in other countries like :


There are many offers of scholarships for Tunisian baccalaureate holders and students in France.

Thus, your chances of getting a place are great in France.

You just need to prepare a good file and follow the steps mentioned in each French scholarship.

Also, you can find more Scholarships in others country.

Good luck.

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